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My name is Sage Woolsey and I’m 25 years old. I grew up in Nanton, Alberta and have lived here my whole life. Growing up I’ve always been a creative soul. I love to paint and always have creative ideas rummaging around in my head. That’s why I enjoy doing hair so much -- it allows me to have creative freedom and meet new people in the process.

I’ve been doing hair now for 5 years, graduating from Purely Inspired Beauty Academy in 2016. I started at Studio D Salon and I am now at my friend/co workers beautiful space, Gypsy Wild. I am a lover of effortless looking hair and have always been a fan of the hand painting technique. It allows for a custom colour and specific placement. 


Hope to see you at Gypsy Wild Salon in the future! 

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This is me, Marie! I am a women, a mother and a warrior. I graduated aesthetic in Montréal in 2011.  I have always been passionate about what I do and I'd like to say I am a people person & care a lot about my clients. I specialize in skin treatments and my favourite service that I offer is facials.  I love how my clients are so relaxed & how they love their skin after each treatment.  I am blessed to be starting a new career at Gypsy Wild Salon and working with such incredible people. Please come and treat yourself! 


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I have been a licensed stylist for over 20 years. Initially working in a salon right out of High School. I took a few other roads to get to my destination. Landing in a career that I love has allowed me to connect with some truly amazing people and explore my creative side. 

I have had many opportunities to enhance my knowledge in both cutting and colour techniques over the years! Travelling to California for advanced training and working as a colour educator were definitely memorable experiences. I continue to follow all of the latest trends and love to work with all hair types. 

After owning and operating my own little boutique for the past 7 years at Inspirit Studio, I have recently chosen to move in a new direction. I invite you to join me at Gypsy Wild! The space is beautiful and the energy is amazing! 


Thank you for following me on my journey! I look forward to seeing you very soon!! 


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My name is Kalyn Glover and I was born and raised in Nanton, Alberta.


I am eager and excited to start my stylist journey after graduating from Delmar college in Calgary this past July. The opportunity to be a mentor under Kamala and the other talented women at Gypsy Wild is amazing and I cannot wait to see the growth and creativity that arises for me.


I look forward to seeing all of you around the salon and introducing myself!


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Nice to meet you -- my name is Kenzie Howe! Growing up on a 5th generation ranch in Southern Alberta formed the foundation for diving deep into my passions and having a strong desire to continually better myself. This led me to the path of hairdressing and makeup artistry.

In 2021 I graduated from One Beauty Academy in Medicine Hat with a Blended Diploma in Hairstyling, Make-up and Esthetics. After graduating I took another leap and moved to the Calgary area.

I enjoy a diverse range of hair services and appreciate the contrast between each and every client. In particular, I have a soft spot for blonding, "lived in/blendy" color, long hair and most importantly EXTENSIONS. I am specialized in a vast array of extension methods and strive to install "the most natural looking extensions." The goal is that you truly shouldn't be able to tell whether a person with extensions has them or not!

I am so excited to be joining the Gypsy Wild Team. This has been a goal of mine from the beginning. I really look forward to meeting new faces, and connecting with you all. I am passionate, self driven and will work hard to create the best version of yourself!


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My name is Chauntelle, I was born and raised in High River. I’ve been a hair professional since 2016.


My specialities include transformative colour corrections, masterful bright blonding services and I am also certified with Invisible Bead Extensions.


On my down time from the salon, you can catch me either at the gym, yoga studio or the airport as I have a little bit of a travel bug. I am passionate about health and wellness, and I believe that beauty starts from the inside out!

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